Airscream AirsPops Starter Kit

Airscream AirsPops Starter Kit


  • £14.95

AirPops® is designed with a fully sealed pod, it can be changed at any time without the hassle of filling.

AIRSCREAM is a lifestyle, a brand which focuses on innovation for the new age, delivering unparalleled taste and experience. We adore life, and we crave for arts & design. We have a vision, and a mission to band all the adventurous and creative people in the world together to join us in our goal to create products that truly cater for the smokers.


Charging 30 mins could roughly take 200-350 puffs.


Easy to use. Simply click-in the pod to get started.

Heart Crafted

Inspired by fruits, cuisines, and wines all over the world.


Smooth matte finish in a pocket fit design. Portability and simplicity to fit in flexible lifestyle.


Main Features

- Ceramic coil

- Magnetic charger

- Short-circuit protection



- Battery capacity: 320mAh

- Resistance: 1.2 Ohm

- Pod capacity: 1.2ml

- Working voltage: 3.7V



- 1 AirsPops® device

- 1 Pod (Ocean 11)

- 1 Magnetic charger


How to use

Remove the silicone plug.

Remove the silicone cap at the bottom of cartridge.

Insert the pod into AirsPops®.

When you hear the sound of "CLICK", you are ready to go!


How to charge

For charging, insert magnetic charger into a compatible USB port, and connect AirPops® device on the magnetic charger.

Charging: The indicator will stay on while charging.

Fully charged: The indicator will flash 20 times and turn off.


For replacing or switching flavour, gently remove the used pod from the AirPops® device, and click-in the new one.

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