AirScream Pods Virginia Toba

AirScream Pods Virginia Toba


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AirsPops® is designed with a fully sealed pod, it can be changed at any time without the hassle of filling. Always ready on the go. Heart crafted flavours, sharing the happiness!

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Food is our passion, and we are about travel and living, savouring cuisine from all over the world, and sipping all the wines we could taste. Just call us foodie advocates, and that is why when it comes to AirsPops flavours, we apply only to a strict connoisseur standard. We are constantly searching for new cuisines from every corner of the globe, discovering different cultures and delicacies we could come across. Follow us and let's explore the world of taste!


VIRGINIA TOBACCO: A true Virginian classic blend to deliver rich American tobacco taste.

19mg/ml Nicotine -1.2ml - 1.7% Nicotine

4 Pods in 1 Pack

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