EDGE CBD  ELiquid 100MG 10ml Blackcurrant

EDGE CBD ELiquid 100MG 10ml Blackcurrant


  • £3.75

Our Blackcurrant blend is one of our fruitiest flavours, now infused with CBD isolate. Perfect for anyone who loves the fruity blends of e-liquid.


10ml / 100mg CBD


The Edge range that has been developed by UK flavour houses has been rigorously tested for consistency and taste. They use a standard VG to PG ratio of 60:40, which is ideal for nearly all devices, whilst being an incredibly efficient way to absorb CBD.


The cannabidiol isolate that is added to the blends is created using a CO2 extraction process which separates individual CBD molecules from its starting material, the non-psychoactive plant hemp. EDGE CBD is incredibly pure, with no pesticides or heavy metals present in its production.


Edge has been able to create a quality CBD product at a fantastic price, perfect for anyone interested in this much-admired and acclaimed natural compound.

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