Reuleaux RX Mini Kit 80watts


  • £34.99

The Reuleaux Mini Kit is compact and portable, and packs quite a kick. It is elegant and small to hold and extremely convenient to carry.

It comes with a built in 2100mAh battery and is capable of producing 80Watts of power output allowing it to give out a wonderful vaping experience. Its compactness is unparalleled when compared to the performance capabilities.

With a talented and experienced group of employees Wismec, the manufacturer of this wonderful kit are marking their territory in the world of vaping. Placed at the forefront of the market by the constant innovation they are implementing, with a passion for greatness, their products should not be overlooked.

This compact kit is definitely a decision you cannot regret. With this compact and beautiful device, you will be getting a powerful vaping kit capable of satisfying the needs of even the most demanding vapors.

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