Vampire Vape Geek Bar - Ice Menthol

Vampire Vape Geek Bar - Ice Menthol

Geek Bars

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Vampire Vape have collaborated with Geek Bar Disposable Vape to make the most popular puff bars with award-winning Vampire Vape 20Mg nic salts and a 500mAh battery for all-day vaping.




A leakproof, compact vape, perfect for your pocket

Delicious Vampire Vape Flavour with every puff

20Mg Nic Salts for a smoother hit

500mAh battery for longer-lasting vaping



Ice Menthol by vampire Vape is loaded with a mildly spiced licorice and aniseed, flavoured e-liquid, this Geek Bar will bring back memories of childhood candy with every puff.


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