Vaporesso Target Mini Mod


  • £27.99

The Vaporesso Target Mini Mod will offer the users everything they need in an extremely convenient compact package.  Extremely elegant with the power to satisfy any vape needs.

The Target Mini Mod is sized 36.5mm by 24.2mm by 58.1mm and is manufactured out of a superior zinc alloy. With a 1400mAh built-in rechargeable battery and 40W of power and a universal 5/10 thread connector allowing the users to add any tank.

Produced by Vaporesso who are a manufacturer here to stay, making quality their top priority, while being affordable and always thinking of the environment.

This stealthy and extremely portable mod with a stunning carbon fiber finish is the impeccable carry device for both commuting and night outs. Delivering amazing pure taste, makes it the number one portable option out there making it a real high quality bargain.


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