Vaporesso Tarot Nano Kit


  • £44.99
  • Save £5

The vaporesso tarot nano kit is just the perfect size so it can be handled and packed with you at all time. Providing clean hand vaping because of the truly leak free design, this is an impressive little device.

Packed with a 2500mah rechargeable battery capable of outputting a range between 5 and 80 W supporting resistances down to 0.15ohm and temperatures between 100C and 315C. It also packs the OMNI board – the most innovative board of Vaporesso, providing reliability and high performance.

Every unit is produced and quality controlled under the strictest standards of Vaporesso, while keeping the device affordable. Leading innovation in the industry ensures they are one step ahead of the competition at all times.

Giving the Tarot Nano Kit a chance will show you a lot of the innovations the Vaporesso brand stands for. Ultra-portable and very stealthy yet packing a powerful kick ensuring the satisfaction of even the most advanced users this kit will prove to be the set-up you have been waiting for and can easily be named the best tiny mod for 2016.

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