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FreeMax has achieved an excellent reputation for competitively priced, high quality, powerfully innovative vape tanks and vape coils. FreeMax has released a multitude of well-made products which have had a profound influence on the whole vaping industry.


FreeMax Tanks are extraordinarily attractive. While some manufacturers do prioritize design elements to stand out from the crowd, this can result in the end-product being all flash and no substance. With FreeMax vape devices, their engineers and product designers have opted for a more subtle approach. They are still bold and striking, but FreeMax lets their expert craftsmanship, premium-grade construction materials, and most importantly their affordability, take centre stage.


Every vape product launched by FreeMax has been ahead of the curve. FreeMax had the first top airflow design with the FreeMax Starre, the first resin design with the FreeMax Fireluke, the first utilization of mesh coils with the FreeMax Fireluke Mesh, and now introduced the first triple and quadruple mesh coils with the FreeMax Mesh Pro. As a result of their strict discipline and keen attention to detail, FreeMax has quickly forged a reputation for uncompromising workmanship.

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