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Our Points Reward System (Deactivated)

Hi to check what points you have and ways to spend and redeem them, you need to click on the rewards icon on the bottom left and your points will show up. It will also display ways of earning them and redeeming them. This is a new feature, so please bear with us while we fine tune it. You will need to activate your account, or if you have forgotten your details, please email us Info@vapesdirect.co.uk and we will either reset your account or reactivate it. 


Since the 1st of January, 2024, we have been testing Super Payments as our payment gateway. If you choose to pay through Super Payments, you’ll benefit from their integrated rewards program. This program allows you to accumulate 5% of your payment in your Super Payments Wallet, which can be used for purchases in our online store. Please note, this 5% reward offer is ending soon and will be reduced to 2%.


Super payments reward system


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