Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills

If you’re looking for a more personalised approach to your vaping journey with the added bonus of less money spent, then liquid mix and go short fills are for you.
Ritchy is back with new shortfills called Liqua Mix and go, What is it all about? You no longer need to know how much flavour or base you have to use. They mixed it for you in a precisely measured amount with zero mg/ml nicotine. All you need to do is pour in the nicotine booster, shake it well and there you have your perfect e-juice. What is the difference between shortfill and regular e-liquid? It’s smart and convenient! Mix&Go allows you to invest less to gain more vaping pleasure on the go. Make your vape experience more personal and spend less to get more than before. All e-liquids are manufactured in a strictly controlled laboratory with the best ingredients and, of course, comply with all standards and international certifications.
Our shortfills come in a 70ml bottle and contain 50ml of 0mg (nicotine free) e-liquid ready for use. The beauty of our mix and fill approach is the freedom you have to fill the bottles, each of which have room at the top for adding your desired amount of nicotine. Mixing your own shortfill is a breeze, simply add your chosen nicotine shot into the shortfill bottle and give it a good shake. Remember to keep the cap on or else you could end up with a face full of Go Berry. Aside from adding your own nicotine shot they are also an effective alternative for those vapers on a budget existing as a cost-effective option to premixed e-liquids. Shortfills are for anyone and everyone looking to fulfil some freedom of choice while minding their pocketbooks.


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