Disposable Air Bars

Disposable vapes also known as puff bars, (main stream focus has been on Geek Bars at only £3.59 Each) vape bars and disposable vape pens are simple vape kits that requires no setting up or charging or changing of any coils. They are ready to be used straight out of the box, all disposable vapes or disposable pods come pre-charged and pre-filled with nic salt e-liquid. Disposables are easy to use thanks to their draw activation feature, meaning there is no need to press any buttons as the device will automatically fire when you draw on the mouthpiece, some like the Nasty Fix V2 even allow you to toggle between tightness of draw and vapour cloud, this makes disposable vapes very much beginner friendly for any smoker trying to make the switch from smoking to vaping. Once your disposable Bar is empty, simply dispose of it in accordance with your local authority guidelines and replace it with a new one. At Vapesdirect We stock a huge range of disposable vapes such as Geek Bar, IVG Air Bar and Nasty Fix just to name a few. Disposable Air Bars Prices Starting from £3.00 upwards.


Disposable Devices

We will no longer cover by any warranty for the following reasons:

  • Disposable devices are a consumable, oral products therefore for purposes of hygiene we cannot accept them back in returns for inspection.
  • Claims for dead on arrival or lack of taste cannot be validated by ourselves due to the hygiene reasons mentioned above and will no longer be covered by any warranty.
  • All Puff Counts are a guide from the manufacturer.


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