5 Things You Need To Know About Battery Care

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5 Things You Need To Know About Battery Care
If you’ve upgraded to a vape mod with customisable components, you will need good quality vape batteries to get the best vapour possible. However, no matter the quality of the E-cig battery, if you don’t care for it correctly then you may end up damaging it. Here are a few ways to make sure your batteries are long-lasting and powerful.

Check Wraps
All vape batteries come wrapped to prevent shorts and fires. It is important to check your batteries regularly to ensure that the wraps are still intact. If the wraps are damaged in any way, you have to stop using the E-cig battery immediately. Damage to the wraps is part of the normal wear and tear of vaping. If your battery is less than a year old, you can get them rewrapped but the safest thing to do is to replace the battery.  

Replace the Battery
It’s recommended to replace your battery at least once a year even if they don’t appear damaged. New batteries that are compatible with your device will ensure safety and performance.

Operating Temperatures for Batteries
Many vapes, especially high-powered mods, come with temperature control. This means that you can adjust the heat on your E-cig to match the type of inhale you’re after. Another benefit of vapes with temperature control is that they use less power and won’t use up your battery as quickly.

Mod That Takes Two Batteries
If you use a mod that takes two batteries, it is recommended you purchase a second set of batteries and an external charger. That way you always have a charged set of batteries to use while the other set charges. Also, the batteries will charge quicker in an external charger than it will inside the mod.

Don’t mix and match the batteries in your sets- it is essential that your batteries are at the same level or charge to prevent damage.

Recycle Vape Batteries
If you need to replace your E-cig battery, you will need to dispose of your old one/s correctly to prevent harsh and corrosive chemicals from contaminating the environment. Many supermarkets and other retail stores have bins for battery recycling or you can visit a recycling facility.

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