7 Must try E liquid & Vape Juice Brands in 2022

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E liquid

When you want incredible tasting e-liquids, visit Vapes Direct. We have carefully curated our collection of e-liquids to ensure that we sell only the best tasting flavours, blends, and brands. No matter which bottle you go with, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied. 

In addition to all of our e-liquids being utterly delicious, they’re offered at prices that won’t hurt your bank account. With the cost of everything rising so sharply lately, you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to get your favourite e-liquids at low prices. 

To get you started, here are 10 brands we know you’ll love! 

Vampire Vape 

Vampire Vape’s award winning flavours have been enjoyed by countless people across the globe, especially their signature Heisenberg flavour. All of their e-liquids are made in the UK within state-of-the-art facilities and are available as 50/50 10ml bottles, shortfills, high VG, and as nic salts. 

Nasty Juice

Despite starting at 2.49, each bottle of Nasty Juice’s vape liquid is a premium experience because of its exclusive packaging and bold flavours.Nasty Juice is available in several blends and formulas, including 50/50, shortfills, and nic salts.

Pod Salts

This premium brand of nic salt e-liquids are only premium in taste and quality, not in price. Pod Salts nicotine salt formula helps your body absorb a high strength of nicotine faster, curbing your cravings quickly and for longer. They come in a range of classic flavours as well as unique fusion blends. Pod salts are perfect for people who’ve just quit smoking as well as those who enjoy stronger, bolder e-liquids. 

Edge E-liquid 

Edge is an e-liquid that was founded by a son looking for a way to help his mother finally quit smoking. Now the brand is a major player in the vape market both in the UK and abroad, striving to make the whole world smoke-free. Their delectable e-liquids can be found in ASDA, Sainsburys, convenience stores, and here at Vapes Direct. 

Zeus Juice

Zeus Juice has more than earned its title as The Gods of Vapour. Its core foundation is based on producing big, strong all-day-vape flavours in blends that are different from those of their competitors. You’ll find the basic tastes you love, but with unique notes of menthol, eucalyptus or aniseed. 

Geek Vape 

One of the most popular disposable e-liquid brands worldwide, Geek Vape produces incredible tasting devices that make vaping a delicious breeze. Each bar has up to 575 puffs which is roughly the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes- except Geek Bars cost half the price! 

Elf Bar 600 

Another recognizable brand of disposable vapes is Elf Bar. Their 600 range of disposable vapes are compact, portable, and packed with 2ml of intensely flavoured 20mg nic salts. With 600 puffs on average, you’ll be getting delicious vapour for longer.  

These are just a handful of the bold, delicious vape liquid you’ll find at Vapes Direct. We are a leading supplier of the best vape liquid in the UK, selling nicotine free vape liquid, e-liquid with nicotine, nic salts, shortfills and more. We can even help if you’re looking to buy bulk vape liquid in the UK. 

Whatever flavour, blend, or strength you’re after, Vapes Direct has the e-liquid you’re looking for at a cheap price. Visit our online shop today to buy vape juice in the UK. 

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