Pioneering E-Liquid Brands Face Off: Nasty Juice vs. Vampire Vape vs. Zeus Juice

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Pioneering E-Liquid Brands Face Off: Nasty Juice vs. Vampire Vape vs. Zeus Juice
All three of these vapour juice brands are at the top of their field, but if you are unsure of which to buy for yourself, keep reading. Here is a breakdown of the best vape juice available in the UK.

Nasty Juice
Nasty Juice came onto the UK vaping scene in 2016 and instantly gained a following because of their exotic e-liquids. Each bottle is packaged in artistically decorated tinware making each flavour all the more unique. Don’t take our word for it, though: in 2016 they won Best Fruit Flavour as well as Best Branding and Marketing at the Vaper Expo NEC.

Vampire Vape
A vape juice brand based in the UK, Vampire Vape has been delighting vapers since 2012. From their original 12 flavours, they have over 50 different vape juices to choose from meaning there’s something for everyone. They continually develop new flavours and ranges to keep up with trends and to stay at the forefront of the market.

Zeus Juice
Zeus Juice was lovingly created by a husband who knew he had to quit smoking when he learned of his wife’s cancer diagnosis. Unable to find e-liquids that were intense enough, he decided to make his own vape juice flavours. Soon after, word of mouth about his incredible flavours took him from his Birmingham kitchen to a dedicated manufacturing facility.

  • Zeus Juice Phoenix Tears: A lemon flavoured e-liquid topped with mint that will instantly revive your senses.
  • Zeus Juice Black Reloaded: One of their signature flavours that is instantly recognisable by its uniquely invigorating blend of berries, anise, and menthol.

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