Vape Juice Options: Find out the Best Vape Flavours for Different Vapers

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best vape juice flavoursThe vaping trend continues to boom in the states all over the UK. In a report from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), about 4.3 million people in Great Britain vape regularly. It is a significant increase from ten years ago when approximately 800,000 people admitted to vaping regularly.

Due to the increasing number of vapers around the country, you will see a lot of vape shops operating in the UK. But unfortunately, it makes finding the best vape flavours more challenging.

If you aim to find the best vape flavours for your ultimate vaping experience, you must continue reading to know which ones suit your personality.


One of the options for the best vape in the UK is candy-flavoured e-liquid. Choices like cotton candy, caramel, and sour blue razz appeal even to older adults due to their nostalgic effect.

Candy-inspired vape juice flavours can trigger childhood memories. It will remind you about your young and carefree days. So if you want to look back on your youth, you need to shop for this type of vape juice in the UK.


Love desserts but not the calories? Excite your tastebuds to whatever dessert dish you desire. There are a wide variety of vape liquid flavours; your favourite desserts might even inspire some.

Do you like fruity desserts? Fret not! You’ll be surprised by the variety that can give you the best vaping experience. Some options include cheesecakes, pies, ice creams, doughnuts, and custard. So, you may indulge in this treat without packing some calories.


If you are after the cooling sensation you usually get while smoking traditional cigarettes, you must look for e-juice flavours with menthol.

This variant allows you to experience the same cooling effect as mentholated candies or cigarettes. It also helps enhance your taste buds and ease the vaper’s tongue.


If you miss the taste of tobacco from traditional cigarettes, then this flavour is the best one for you. Long-time smokers often choose this variant to capture the familiar taste without all the health hazards.

Also, tobacco e-juice is a better alternative to help smokers get out of the habit.


Since you should cap off every meal with a drink, e-liquid brands decided to recreate some of the most popular drinks and present them as e-juice flavours.

You will see popular drinks-inspired e-liquids like strawberry milk and coffee, but you can also find other options like soda, tea, juice, whiskey, and cocktails. This option is also perfect for those who plan to quit drinking alcohol.

Picking the best vape juice flavours does not have to be challenging if you know what you want. Consider your taste and cravings to get the right one.

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