What is a Box Mod Vape? A Guide to High Watt Vaping with Box Mods

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A Guide to High Watt Vaping with Box Mods
In addition to being better for your health, vapes come with chipsets and software that can contain a lot of impressive technology. This technology allows for all sorts of vaping experiences with the added bonus of keeping you and your device safe. 

If you want to vape or if you want to upgrade to a box mod vape, all this technology might seem like a lot to handle. Don’t worry- it’s a lot easier to vape with a box mod than you might think.

Box Mod Vape
A box mod is an advanced, more powerful type of vape. Box mod vapes have interchangeable components that give users a lot of freedom to tailor their devices to suit their needs. Usually the batteries take up the majority of the device, housed inside a large “box” that attaches to the tank and mouthpiece. Hence their name, box mods!

Mouth-to-Lung Tanks
Mouth-to-lung tanks, or MTL tanks, are ideal for people who like the feel of a cigarette. They create a cooler draw that feels like what you would get from a cigarette drag, especially when used with high-nicotine strength e-liquid. This is why many recent ex-smokers prefer mouth-to-lung tanks.

MTL tanks have a more restrictive airflow so they will not produce clouds as big, but the flavour they create is more concentrated. Because of the lower wattage used, MTL tanks are great if you want to be more discreet in your vaping, especially if you’re out in public.

Another benefit of mouth-to-lung tanks is that they use less e-liquid so your delicious vape juice will last even longer. Your coil will last longer, too!

Vaping Temperature Level
If you prefer bigger, hotter, and more intense clouds of vapour then you need to vape at a higher wattage. Just be sure your coil can handle it. If your coil is designed for a specific range, going any higher will make your coil and wicking burn out and you will go through your battery and e-liquid more quickly. This phenomenon also creates a bitter and burnt tasting vapour.

If you’re worried about vaping at hotter temperatures, most box mods have technology built into them to prevent you from vaping at a dangerous temperature or wattage.

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