Why You Should Try Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills?

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Why You Should Try Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills

What are Liqua Mix and Go Shortfills?
Mix and go shortfill E-liquids come in 70ml bottles that contain 50ml of nicotine free E-juice. If you’re wondering what the point is of that having E-juice without any nicotine, let us break it down for you.

The reason why there’s only 50ml of nicotine free E-juice is so that you can add your preferred dose of nicotine, allowing you to completely customise your vaping experience. Investing in shortfills also gives you the freedom to ditch the additional 10ml bottles of nicotine clearing space in your purse or rucksack.

These 70ml bottle are designed to accommodate 2 nicotine shots. One shot of nicotine is equivalent to 3mg (a total of 2 nic shots will be 6mg per bottle and so on).  Shortfills are recommended to people who use 6mg nicotine strength or below. While you can add more nicotine to the shortfills to increase the dosage, each shot that you add will dilute the taste of the E-liquid.

How to Add Your Shot of Nicotine
Adding your shot of nicotine is simple; remove the lid and pop off the cap, squeeze your desired nicotine shot into the shortfill, make sure you fasten everything back up tightly, give it a good shake and you’re ready to go.

Top Reasons to Buy Shortfills

  • Shortfills are convenient to carry around with just one bottle to accommodate.
  • Choose your own nicotine strength.
  • Mix and go shortfills are safe to use without any nicotine shots, making it perfect fr people who have quit nicotine but still enjoy vaping.

Flavours include:

  • Sweet Tobacco- this flavour has a perfect combination of the traditional tobacco taste with a delicious hint of caramel and vanilla
  • American blend – A classic Virginia tobacco taste with satisfying hints of honey
  • Berry Mix – A combination of fresh summer berries with a tangy citrus hint that will satisfy all fruit lovers
  • Go Bright Tobacco – A classic Virginia tobacco profile accompanied by a light woodsy taste with a delicate aroma of spice.

    With Liqua Mix and Go Shortfills you have the freedom of choice and free movement, with nicotine shots you can measure out yourself and just one bottle to carry with you. Buy yours today at Vapes Direct online.

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