Milk King Shortfills

These fabulously flavoursome Milk King e liquids are fresh out of the USA and are making a big splash around the US and Europe, amongst other popular vaping areas.  These sweet, creamy and altogether moreish e liquids are testament to the skill of the Milk King mixologists who clearly know their way around a milk-flavoured vape. Perfectly for any time of the day or night, these are mild enough yet certainly delicious enough to use as an everyday vape.


As a short fill e liquid you have the ability to really make these fantastic milk-based e liquids your own by adding the free included nicotine shots or using you own nicotine to fill up the short fill bottle at whatever strength level you prefer. Customising your e liquid is just one of the benefits of choosing Milk King. The high quality ingredients in each batch, not to mention the high VG base also work to make up an altogether perfect vape.


If cloud chasing is for you, if dairy-flavoured, roll over the tongue goodness floats your boat and if high end vaping at an affordable price gets the juices flowing you are in the right place with the Milk King range.


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