Smokeless Alternatives

If you are looking for smoke free alternatives, well there are many different products coming in and in this section we will be displaying what is available. Whether you find vaping is not agreeing with you or you want a simple and easy solution to quit smoking or may be your a flying and require nicotine for inflight we have got you covered with our range of goods. We are a one stop shop based in Worcestershire with many alternatives for NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), if you require any guidance please feel free to email us at

With an introduction into these goods starting with the Nordic Spirit Brand.

Nordic spirit £6.50 Each

Nordic Spirit is a Swedish nicotine pouch brand manufactured by Nordic Snus, famous for their many different flavours and strengths, as well as for the portions unique base with a mixture of plant fibre and chewing gum. The portfolio represents a mix of freshness and creativity.

Find your personal favourite nicotine pouches in a variety of different flavours - feel the rush with Spearmint Intense in 2 different strengths or that fresh and fruity kick with the Berry Citrus. No matter what your pick is, Nordic Spirit makes sure all of their pouches are slim and discreet and guarantee a long-lasting release of nicotine and flavour.

How to use Nordic Spirit? 
Nordic Spirit can be used anywhere at any time - Just pop a pouch under your upper lip!


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