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Vuse ePod 2 Pack - Very Berry

Vuse ePods

  • £6.99

Vuse Nic Salt ePod Pods – formerly known as vPro cartridges. Made from high quality ingredients including nicotine salts which occur naturally in tobacco leaves, Vuse ePen Nic Salt pods provide a more intense flavour experience.


They’re specifically designed for your Vuse ePen device – simply click the pods in and out to switch flavours. No mess. No fuss. No hassle.


Enjoy a classic menthol experience with this refreshing blend of crushed spearmint, peppermint essence and menthol. Vuse ePod Chilled Mint Cartridges provide a vivid and intensely refreshing draw be it morning or night, thanks to the pure, concentrated ice housed within each pod.



2 Chilled Mint Vuse ePods

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