7 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vape Battery

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7 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vape Battery

Without batteries, your vape won’t be able to produce delicious clouds of vapour. These 7 tips are easy ways to lengthen the life and improve the quality of your vape batteries.

  • Should You Charge Your Battery Or Not?
Some experts recommend letting a vape battery fully drain before charging, while others say you shouldn’t. Whether you should or shouldn’t depends on the type of battery you have. Older batteries tend to need a full discharge whereas modern batteries don’t.
  • Turn it Off

Even if you aren’t using it, if your vape is left on it is still using power in standby mode. This will make your vape batteries deteriorate faster than they would if you had your vape shut off.

  • Use Your Vape Batteries Regularly

This might seem contradictory to the last tip, but use your batteries often. Just as overuse can cause batteries to deteriorate quickly, so can not using them. Batteries were meant to be used, afterall! The longer they go unused, the poorer their performance will be.

  • Don’t Overcharge

Batteries can only charge up to their capacity. Leaving an e-cig battery on charge after it’s fully charged won’t give the battery more juice and can possibly damage it.

  • Store Them Fully Charged

If you won’t be using the batteries or device for a while, fully charge them before you safely store them. Of course, don’t let them sit in storage too long or the battery’s quality will begin to deteriorate.

  • Keep the Vape Battery Clean

If you vape on the go, this tip is especially important. Whether your vape is in your pocket or your bag, it’s likely to pick up dust, lint, and other debris. If any of this gets to your battery, it damages the connection to your vape. If you carry spare batteries with you, keep them in a protective case.

  • Don’t Let the Vape Battery Get Cold

It can be hard when the weather is so often cold and wet, but keep your e-cig and e-cig battery safe from the cold. The same goes for hot temperatures.   

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