A Complete Guide Liqua Mix Shortfills

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A Complete Guide Liqua Mix Shortfills

Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills
are popular among seasoned vapers for a reason. Not only do the different flavours taste amazing, but they are extremely high quality despite their low price. A premium creator of e-liquid, Liqua is sold worldwide in over 80 countries.

Whatever flavour or concentration you’re after, Liqua will have a flavour for you. Especially popular are their tobacco flavoured vape liquids that make you feel as though you’re having a cigarette- but without the horrible smell and dangerous chemicals!

Whether you go for menthol, fruit, tobacco, or something different, your Liqua vape juice will stay fresher for longer thanks to the high-quality nitrogen added into every bottle to slow down oxidation.

Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills
Shortfills are for vapers who want more flavored nicotine e-liquid in their bottles. Since 2014, the UK can only sell e-liquids containing nicotine in bottles up to 10ml. These 10ml bottles are great for travel and vaping on the go, but if you vape often you might want a bigger, more cost-effective way to get nicotine e-liquids. This is where shortfills really shine.

Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills are 50ml of nicotine free flavoured e-liquid that’s bottled in 70ml bottles. The extra 20ml is for you to add in liquid nicotine or ‘nic shots.’ For instance, to make 3mg strength flavoured  e-liquid, simply add in an 18mg 10ml nic shot. Just add your nic shot, mix, and go!

Some popular Liqua Shortfill flavours are:

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