A Complete Guide to Vape Batteries and Vape Mods

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A Complete Guide to Vape Batteries and Vape Mods
All-in-One Vape Kits are fantastic for beginners or for those who want a simple way to vape. They come with everything you need and are straightforward to use so all you need to do is purchase a kit to get started vaping.

For vapers who want more advanced gear and more customisation in their vaping, there are several different ways to handpick every component of your vape. Read on to learn more about some of the most important components you will need to step up your vaping game.

Box Mod
To start with, you will need to purchase a vape mod. The most popular vape mods are the box mod. They can come with or without a tank and coils. They tend to be bigger than All-in-Ones and usually have adjustable settings and removable batteries.  

18650 Vape Batteries
Arguably the most important part of your box mod is the battery. Without the power of the battery, you will not be able to create any vapour. The 18650 vape batteries are a popular option as they are powerful and have a long battery life. These lithium-ion rechargeable batteries have the capacity and amp output for mouth-to-lung (MTL) and sub ohm vaping. The 18650 batteries are safe, trustworthy, and compatible with several vape kits like SMOK, Vaporesso, and Aspire.

20700 Vape Batteries
Packing even more power are the 20700 lithium-ion vape batteries. Also rechargeable and long-lasting, they are perfect for the clouds created by the more advanced and powerful sub ohm kits and mods. They are larger due to their capacity, output and ability to create dense, intense vapour. 20700 vape batteries are not compatible with as many models as the 18650 batteries so make sure your mod is one that can handle this formidable battery.

Vape Battery Cases
If you are purchasing removable batteries, then one of the vape accessories you will need is a Vape Battery Case. It is common for sub ohm vapers to have backup batteries and use one set whilst charging the other. Whenever vape batteries are stored or transported, they need to be properly protected and kept away from metal. There are several different types of cases and sleeves available which come in different materials like rubber and plastic to keep your battery cells safe from degradation or damage.

Vape Battery Chargers
Of course, your vape batteries will only be able to work if they are fully charged. Having a reliable, safe, and fast way to charge your batteries is as important as the batteries themselves. Many vape kits and mods allow for USB charging, but more powerful batteries and sub-ohm devices will need something stronger for charging. That is why experienced users have a separate charging bank for their batteries.

Once you get the bank that matches your battery type, pop in your batteries and plug in your power bank to charge.

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