A Guide to Your First Vape Mod

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A Guide to Your First Vape Mod
So you have been vaping with a starter pen for a while now and are ready to upgrade to a more powerful box mod, but you aren’t sure where to start. Moving on to a vape mod is far less daunting than you may think. Once you get a handle on some of the terminology and decide on the vaping experience you want, it’s pretty easy to start making those big ol’ clouds of vapour.

What is a Box Mod?
Box mods are named for their boxy shape and are larger, more powerful vapes that are often fully customizable. They are like other vaporisers in that they have batteries, coils, and tanks, but box mods allow for these pieces to be more interchangeable. They also have more safety and functionality features. All of this allows a vaper the freedom to easily change their vaping experience to suit their mood without having to get a whole new kit.  

Aspire Rhea 200W Shockproof Mod
The Aspire Rhea 200W Shockproof Mod is a high-tech device with added durability. It has a 510 thread connection and a shockproof design that will help protect it from damage if you drop it. With a maximum output of 200W, this device also features an ASP chipset, puff counter, and a host of safety features. There are several output modes to suit your mood and its 0.96in colour screen has different themes and brightnesses to match.

Aspire SunBox Mixx Mod
If you are wanting a touch of luxury to your vaping, the Aspire SunBox Mixx Mod is a beautifully engineered piece of hardware. Created by Aspire and the Italian engineering studio SunBox, this box mod is where luxury meets precision. It is artistically crafted from high-end raw materials that is turned into a stunningly sleek, premium metal finish.

Made entirely of shining metal, it comes in jet black, silver, or tuxedo. It can use an 18650 or 18350 battery and comes with sleeves to fit either one. The batteries are easy and safe to install with the springless, ultra-high finish battery door. Its ASP chipset will ensure your safety whenever you use this ultra-modern and breathtaking device.

If you are ready to get your first box mod, visit Vapes Direct. We have the best cheap vape mods available online in the UK. 

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