An Introduction To Disposable Vapes

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About Disposable Vapes
What is a Disposable Vape?
Disposable vapes are a simple way to try vaping for the first time. Becoming incredibly popular with new vapers, these inhale activated Air Bars or Puff Bars require zero experience to use and don’t need to be refilled or recharged.  A disposable is compact and each device on average will outlast 20 cigarettes - at a Snippet of the price.
Disposable Pods arrive prefilled with e-liquid and can be used straight out of the box, when empty it’ll stop producing vapour and you can then replace it with another one.
About Disposable Vapes
Your Vape Bar, Puff Bar, Air Bar, contains several key elements:
The main body contains the electronics and battery needed to heat the e-liquid and turn it into vapour. Battery capacity is denoted as milliampere hour (mah); the higher the mah, the longer the battery life between charges. Of course, with disposable vapes, there is no charging option, so the manufacturer will ensure that the mAh is sufficient to last you until the e-liquid runs out.
The top of the device contains the drip tip (the part you inhale the vapour from), the tank and the coil.
The coil is the heart of any vaping device. It acts as the heating element that, when provided with an electrical current from the battery, heats the e-liquid to the point that it becomes vapour. Coils can vary in complexity, depending on the vaping device they’re intended for. The wire of the coil is wrapped around a ‘wicking material’ - in a simple device like a disposable vape, this wick will be made from cotton.
The wick absorbs the e-liquid within the tank, and the coil vaporises this eliquid from the saturated cotton when the button is pressed, or the user draws on the drip tip, to activate the battery.
What is a dry hit?
A dry hit happens when you draw from your vaping device and there's not enough juice on the wicking material.
In refillable vape devices, the first port of call is to check that there is actually vape juice in the tank. Even the most experienced vapers occasionally forget to refill!
However, with disposable devices, you don’t have that option. In nine out of ten cases of vape bar burnout, the reason is simply that the tank is out of juice, and it’s time to start a new one.
If, however, you’re sure that there should be some e-liquid left, there are a couple of things you can do to try and resolve the dry hit issue.
Give the wick chance to resoak, If you’ve not been off the cigarettes for long, you will still be in the habit of lighting a cigarette and quickly smoking it, hit after hit, to avoid wastage.
New vapers, especially those that are using e-cigs to help with a social smoking habit, tend to take a while to break this habit. They take multiple vape hits in quick succession, rather than stopping to assess if they’ve satisfied the nicotine craving.
The trouble with this style is that you’re not giving the wick a chance to resoak in between hits. If you vape all of the liquid contained within the coil, without giving it a chance to soak up more juice, you will end up getting a dry hit. Countering this is simple. After you’ve taken a couple of puffs, put the device down and leave it a minute before you go in for another draw.
Change the position of the vape bar, If the tank is nearly empty, you might need to just tilt the device, or tip it upside down for a while, to make sure you get the last of the juice into the coil.
Also, if the wick is getting to the end of its life, it might not be soaking up the liquid as well as it did at the beginning. Just letting it sit for a while could enable it to absorb the last drops, and give you a bit longer with your disposable device.
Consider that your disposable could be faulty, If the above tips don’t work, and you’re still convinced that there’s juice left in the tank, it could simply be that the device is faulty.
These are electronic devices with multiple components. They are perfectly capable of going wrong every now and again. We only work with the most trusted vape manufacturers, but we would never claim infallibility.
If you think the device is at fault, just get in touch with us. Our customer service team will happily talk you through your options and, if necessary, replace your faulty device.
What Nicotine Strength
When it comes to nicotine strength, the most common option is 20mg. But there are a number of brands that offer lower strength vapes. For example, Nasty Air Fix have 10mg available. As almost all disposables use nic salt, whichever strength you choose you’ll experience a smoother throat hit.
Can disposable be refilled?
Disposable vapes are not designed to be refilled, this is one of the reasons why they are so simple. If you are looking for a compact option that you can fill with e-liquid yourself, we recommend our pod vape kits.
What's the Best Flavour?
There’s a huge range of flavours available, take your pick from simple fruit and menthol blends, rich tobacco vapes, and even sparkling sodas or desserts.
How long do Disposable Vapes last?
A disposable has been designed to last an average vaper a full day. However, this can differ from person to person - if you’re new to vaping, or were a heavy smoker they may last longer or less. To be safe we recommend carrying a spare with you, just in case you can’t buy a replacement straight away. After a few days, you will know how long a disposable will last you based on your own vaping habits.
Ultimately, these are disposable vape devices. They aren’t designed to last forever. Once the reservoir of e-liquid is empty, or the battery runs out of charge, it’s time for a new one.
Disposable vape bars are intended to replace the approximate number of puffs you would expect from a packet of cigarettes. However, it still varies from brand to brand.
If you intend to permanently replace your smoking habit with a safer vaping habit (which we hope you will), you’ll want to switch up to a refillable vape kit at some point. Not only is it going to be cheaper for you in the long run, it’s also far better for the health of the planet.

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