Cheap Vape Pens and Kits

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Cheap Vape Pens Kits

Find your Cheap Vape pen Or Vape kit at Vapesdirect. We have been serving the Market for over several Years now, we have continuously grown and in turn this has helped us secure lowest pricing on our products and in return this helps us keep our prices the lowest in the UK. So if you are looking For Cheap vape pens such as the Aspire Pockex, the Innokin T18 e, the Innokin Sceptre, Aspire K3 kit, Smok V9 Kit, Smok Vape Pen V2 Kit and Many more keep reading.

All Cheap Vape Pen kits are cheap for a reason, not because they are Poor quality or that they rubbish, it is because the Price varies on Battery size. Most Cheap vape pen kits will have small Batteries generally anything from 350mah to 1500mah. When you start finding Vape Kits with 2000 mah battery they will not be as cheap as the 1000 mah battery Kits. At Vapesdirect you will find a huge range of Cheap Vape Pens and Cheap Vape Kits.

Another Factor that influences the price is the accessories, if the vape kit has a disposable Tank expect the vape pen to be cheaper then if the Vape kit had replaceable coils. Kits that’s have disposable tanks are Innokin GO S kit, Innokin Go Max Kit and the FreeMax Gemm Kit.

Sometimes buying a cheap vape kit is not the solution, the right approach to finding a cheap vape kit is to factor in what you want.

Vape Kit Size? Do you want a small vape pen? Or are you looking for a Pod Kit Pen?

Brand? If you have Vaped in the past, you may prefer a Brand you have used if not Aspire Have Premium price tag as their build quality is phenomenal, but once again at Vapesdirect we have brought to you the Cheapest price in the UK for Aspire Vape kits and Aspire Vape Pens. Aspire focus much of there drive on mouth to Lung Kits and have produced the best Vape Kits on the Market. Innokin is another great contender for Cheap vape pens along with Smok who have Numerous amounts of vape kits all at affordable pricing at Vapesdirect.

Battery Power? If you a new Vaper, then anything up to 1500 mah battery vape kit would be good to start you off. Just remember the Bigger the Vape Kit Battery, the Higher price you will pay, that’s not to say we don’t have some cheap vape kits on offer as we have the Argus Pod Kit Currently At only £19.99 (14/02/2022).

Do you Suffer With Arthritis on Tendonitis? We have many customers who suffer problems with their hands and so filling or changing coils is issue. we have helped Customers choose cheap vape kits or pens dependent on what issue they have, if its filling we have found the Aspire Flexus Q kit very simple for filling procedures, if its changing coils then the disposable tank kits may suit you better, take a look at the Freemax Gemm Kit, the Freemax Gemm Kit houses the Freemax Gemm Tanks which have been a popular hit for all of 2021 or the Innokin Go Kits.

These variable above all alter the vape kit you may want, but choosing the right vape pen is important as you will be using your vape pen everyday and so needs to be personal to you and must also be the right product as using the wrong product will mean you may be using excessive liquid, wastage of coils by burning them out too soon etc. To Learn More About Coils Visit our Blog On Coils.


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