Edge E-liquid Vs Vampire Vape Flavour: Which One is Better?

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Edge E-liquid Vs Vampire Vape Flavour: Which One is Better?

Are you on the hunt for exciting and new vape juice flavors? A great place to start is with a few brands that are consistently ranked as the best vape juice by vapers around the globe.

Vampire Vapes
Vampire Vapes is a UK based e-cigarette and e-liquid brand that initially launched with 12 delicious types of vapour juice before they developed over 25 more for their fans to try. Their award winning vape juice flavours are created and tested in laboratory grade facilities so you’ll know that each bottle will be as safe and yummy as the last.

Edge Vaping
One of the leading vaping brands in the UK, Edge was created by a son who wanted to help his mother quit smoking once and for all. Now, they help people all around the world stop smoking. One of the ways they do this is through their delectable E-liquids.

Double Drip Nic Salts
The trendy Double Drip e-liquids are also available in stronger nic salt form. The throat hits nic salts provide are ideal for vapers who have just quit smoking or for those who need more oomph to kick their cravings.

  • Double Drip Nic Salts E-liquid Menthol Mist is an invigorating menthol e-liquid that also has hints of sweetness from peppermint. Every time you inhale your throat will tingle from this crisp and pleasant vape juice. 

Liqua E-liquid
Liqua is an innovative and modern e-liquid company. Their Mix & Go Shortfills are quite popular among vapers not only because of their ease of use, but because of the luscious flavours they come in. 

  • Liqua Mix & Go American Blend is a Virginia tobacco flavour with a surprise twist- light notes of sweet honey are blended into this traditional vapour juice.

Are you ready to try out some of the most delicious and exciting E-liquid brands and flavours? Then head over to Vapes Direct! Vapes Direct stocks only the best vape juice flavours available in the UK. There you can find high quality, low-cost E-liquid, E-cigarettes, and everything else you need to vape.

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