Everything about Aspire K3 Tank

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Everything about Aspire K3 Tank

Aspire is a leading global e-cigarette brand that is well known for its innovative and expertly engineered products. Since 2013 they have made it their mission to help people quit smoking with a wide range of affordable products to suit each individual customer’s needs. In fact, they employ over 200 researchers across 6 institutes.

So if you are looking for high-tech, high-quality, and wallet friendly vape tanks, you can’t go wrong with the impressive Aspire K3 Tank.

Key Benefits of the Aspire K3 Tank

The Aspire K3 tank is a reliable, high performance tank that provides a mouth to lung (MTL) inhale. It is an ideal starter model for beginners, but is advanced enough to keep vapers of all experience levels happy. In particular, the Aspire K3 Atomizer will suit vapers who like glass tanks, long-lasting coils, and who prefer discrete vapour that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Other key benefits of having an Aspire K3 tank include:

  • A fixed airflow for consistently high quality vapour bursting with flavour.  
  • Intense yet smooth vapour without making big clouds.
  • A leak-proof design with seals throughout the tank.
  • Easy to fill.
  • Long-lasting coils.
  • Compatibility with the renowned Aspire Nautilus coils.

How Often Do Aspire K3 Coils Need Replacing?

The K3 tank comes with a pre-installed Aspire Nautilus BVC coil. Aspire Nautilus coils are advanced, long lasting, and high quality but like all coils they will need to be replaced from time to time. How often you need to change it will depend on your preferred e-liquid, your vaping style and how much you vape. Heavy vapers may need to change their coil once per week while most casual vapers will need to do it every few weeks.

You’ll usually know it’s time when your vapour begins to have a bitter or burned taste. To avoid premature burn out, never do dry hits and avoid chain vaping. 

The best vape tanks in the UK, like Aspire K3 tanks, are available to buy online from Vapes Direct. Visit our online storefront for all of your vaping needs, whether it’s delicious e-liquids, vape starter kits, or vape accessories. 

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