Geek Bars: Disposable Vapes for Beginners

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Geek Bars: Disposable Vapes for Beginners

Disposable vapes are the must-have item for every vaper. They have never been more popular and it’s for good reason: they are sleek, straightforward, and satisfying. Used by novices and more experienced vapers, they bring simplicity to vaping without compromising on vapour or taste.

What Are Disposable Vapes?
Disposable vapes are pocket friendly devices that are pre-filled with e-liquid. There are no extra parts, no charging is required for use, and they’re compact enough to carry them wherever you go. They are great for beginners and for people who have been vaping awhile and want a reliable back up.

For those who have just quit smoking, these devices are about as close to smoking a cigarette as you can get. That’s because like cigarettes, you just bring your disposable vape to your lips and inhale. You don’t need to press any buttons or fiddle with any settings: just breathe in that delicious vapour.

Unlike cigarettes, these vapes come in a wide variety of delectable e-liquids. These e-liquids are often 18-20mg of nic salts so you will be able to satisfy your cravings for longer. Most disposables last between 300-600 puffs which is about the same amount you’d get from a pack of cigarettes, except they’re much cheaper! Then once your disposable is out of e-liquid, throw it out and start on a new one.

One downside to disposable vape kits is that because they are single use, they create more waste than other types of vapes.

Geek Bar
Geek Bar was established in 2015 and is best known for its impressive disposable vape devices. They provide a great tasting, easy-to-use, and pocket friendly vape that is a hit among new and experienced vapers. They come in several different amazing flavours and colours and unlike other single use vapes, they are made of a safer food-grade shell.

Geek Bar Flavours include:

  • Blueberry Bubblegum
  • Dr Vapes Black Panther
  • Grape
  • Menthol
  • Peach Ice
  • Sour Apple
  • Tobacco
  • Watermelon Ice

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