How to avoid counterfeits when shopping for vapes online?

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How to avoid counterfeits when shopping for vapes online

The vaping industry has boomed over the last decade, with new brands and products coming out every month. While this can give consumers a wide range of choice, it also allows for counterfeit and fake products to take advantage and sneak their way through.

Vaping products in the UK have to go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet specific safety and quality standards. Fake products don’t undergo this testing so are often highly unsafe as a result. People who use blackmarket products can:

  • End up with irreversible lung damage
  • Other illnesses due to exposure to unsafe chemicals and chemical reactions
  • Get burns or injuries from unregulated hardware
  • Suffer property damage from hardware that shorts or catches on fire
  • Poisoning from toxic gases and elements 

Because counterfeiters are getting better each day, it’s not just beginners who mistakenly buy blackmarket products. Everyone who vapes needs to keep a keen eye out to ensure they’re buying safe and genuine products.

How To Avoid Buying Counterfeits

  • Always buy from a reputable and authorised company, stockist, or supplier: Buying products from unverified and questionable sources makes it much more likely that you’ll end up with a fake product. You might be worried that this is more likely to happen online, but as long as you’re buying from a registered and legitimate company based in the UK like Vapes Direct, you can rest easy.

  • Check the labels and reports: You should be able to see on the label where it was manufactured, its batch number, and other valuable information. You can also ask suppliers and companies for proof of certification, lab testing, and tracing information. Obviously, if there is little to no labelling, you’re most likely looking at a counterfeit product.
  • Verify directly with the manufacturer: Many manufacturers allow you to test your product’s barcode against their online database. This is especially true with hardware and disposable vapes.

Genuine Products from Vapes Direct

As the best vape shop online in the UK, Vapes Direct only sells genuine products that have been tested to the highest of standards. We stand by each and every sale, but if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Visit Vapes Direct to buy affordable, high quality, and genuine products from a vape store in the UK you can trust. 

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