How to clean and maintain your vapour coils?

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How to clean and maintain your vapour coils

If your coils are burning out faster than you expected, you’re probably not caring for them the way you should.  Sometimes the coil may be faulty, but the most common cause of a burnt out coil is user error.

A few of the most common ways to burn out vapour coils include:

  • Not priming the coil
  • Dry hits
  • Chain vaping

How to Prime Vape Coils

The best way to prevent a burnt coil is to prime it. This allows the wicking inside the coil to become saturated enough to be ready for use in your vape tank. To prime your coil, locate the openings in the metal that reveal the wicking underneath. Then drop a few drops of your e-liquid into these openings. Once the e-liquid has soaked in, repeat this step at least one more time.  

Your primed coil will still need time to become fully saturated before you can start vaping. Insert your coil into the tank, fill the tank with e-liquid, and let the coil soak in the vape juice for 10-15 minutes before you start puffing.

Other Ways to Prevent Burnt Coils

Always ensure your tank has enough vape juice in it because vaping on an empty tank will burn out your coil and produce nasty tasting dry hits. Unlike cigarettes, you must space your puffs at least 20 seconds apart to allow your wick to soak up enough e-liquid between hits.

Cleaning Vape Coils

Sometimes you can fix a burnt out coil by cleaning it. Cleaning your coil can also extend its lifespan. To clean your coil:

  • Remove your coil and let it run over warm running water for at least a few seconds.
  • Leave the coil to soak in a bowl of warm water.
  • If your coil still has residue stuck to it, add vinegar to the bowl of water. You’ll need to soak the coil again afterward in just water to clean off any remaining vinegar.
  • Leave your coil to fully air dry before putting it back in your vape.
  • Don’t forget to prime it once it’s dry!

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