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Liqua E-liquid

Vaping has gained popularity over the years and now it is the norm of the society from the normal smoking of traditional cigarettes. Most people believe that vaping is less harmful compared to traditional cigarettes and marijuana. Using your vape pens in UK, you can also do various cool tricks which include Ghost Inhale, Vapour Bubble, Waterfall, Dragon, Tornado, both double and triple O’s, French Inhale, and bull ring among others. In order to perform these tricks, you need to have a good vape mod and also a sub-ohm vape tank.

Ghost Inhale
This is a trick that even a newbie in vaping can do. It is also referred to as the mushroom cloud or snap inhale. First, you need to take a long MTL drag and allow it linger in the oral cavity for some time, release it the vapour in a ball shape. Make sure you open your mouth making it take an O-shape then closing it like immediately. You should not force the vapour; just hold your breath for like one second. Liqua e-liquids UK are the best in doing these tricks.

The Waterfall
This trick turns vape to a heavy water-like substance that flows down the bottle. It is easy to master. All you have to do is have a bottle with frozen water at the bottom. Take a drag and blow it in the bottle and then pour it out slowly. You can use e-liquids that contain nicotine or the short fill e-liquids.

Liquid Mist
This is also a great trick that one can do to entertain your fellows either in a club or in a party. It’s all about creating a mist on top of your drink. Just take a glass with any type of drink, make sure it is half-way full and inhale your vape. The next thing to do is to attach your lips to your glass as if you are drinking from it, and then slowly exhale the vapour. It will automatically stay on top of your drink. You can use vape pens easily available in the UK to do this trick or any other kind of vaporiser.

Have you tried any of these tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

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