Liqua Mix Shortfills: Must try E-liquid to try!

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Liqua Mix Shortfills: Must try E-liquid to try!

Experienced vapers tend to customize their devices, parts, accessories to personalize their vaping experience to suit their taste. Many people even extend this knowledge and expertise to their e-liquids!

You don’t have to be a vaping expert to have more freedom with your vape liquid For those who want vape juice that allows for customization without compromising on taste, there’s Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills. Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills are some of the most authentic and affordable e-liquids in the UK, able to be blended to suit every taste. Whatever strength and taste you prefer, there’s a Mix & Go Shortfill that’s waiting for you.

What’s a Shortfill?

In 2014, the EU passed The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) to regulate the tobacco industry. One of its mandates is that e-liquid containing nicotine cannot be sold in bottles with more than 10ml of liquid in it. 10ml bottles are great for vaping on the go, but people who vape more often will find these bottles don’t last long enough for them.

Shortfills are large bottles of flavoured e-liquid that contain 0% nicotine. They are filled just short of the top, leaving space for you to fill the bottle with 10ml nicotine e-liquid called “nic shots.”

Liqua Mix and Go Shortfills

Liqua Mix and Go Shortfills come in 70ml bottles that are filled with 50ml of flavoured nicotine-free e-liquid. The remaining 20ml is free for you to add in your nic shots.

Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills come in several first-rate e-liquid flavours that are premium in taste but not in cost. While they offer the classic fruity and menthol flavours, they are perhaps best known for their distinctly bold and nuanced tobacco vape liquids.

  • Liqua Mix & Go American Blend: Inspired by the unbeatable taste of Virginia tobacco, this rich e-liquid has honey added in for extra sweetness.

  • Liqua Mix & Go Bright Tobacco: A rich Virginia tobacco e-liquid with a rustic, woody twist and taste.

  • Liqua Mix & Go Sweet Tobacco: A traditional tobacco taste with notes of sweet and creamy vanilla and caramel.

For those with ore of a sweet tooth, there’s also:

Once you’re done choosing your flavour of Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills, visit Vapes Direct to buy the the best e-liquid in the UK online with fast dispatch. 

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