Nasty Juice E-liquid Shortfills: Are They Right For You

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Picture of two Gold and Silver Blend Tobacco Nasty Juice Shortfill
Vaping has grown increasingly popular through the years as people seek to curb their smoking addictions. The e-cigarette market has expanded rapidly, with the global market reaching close to $20 billion in 2018. When buying vape juice and e-liquids, one of the considerations to make will be the strength of the throat hit that you are seeking. If you are switching from smoking to vaping, you may be looking for a strong throat hit, which you can get with a high amount of propylene glycol.

The VG:PG ratio in e-liquids can affect the throat hit you get from vaping.
Nasty Juice eliquid shortfills come in 70:30 or 50:50 ratios, but if you need something stronger, then you can check out other brands which offer 40:60 ratios. Shortfills are also suitable if you like blowing large clouds of vapor. Check out one of the most popular e-liquid brands, Nasty Juice, and discover if their e-liquids are right for you.

Nasty Juice Eliquids
Nasty Juice is an e-liquid company in Malaysia which has gained worldwide recognition. They entered the industry in 2015 and have since grown more popular for their unique flavours, which are considered to be some of the best in the market. The company uses Malaysian concentrates to create exotic fruity flavors, so if you want to explore different tastes, you can try out
Nasty Juice eliquid shortfills.

Additionally, if you enjoy sub-ohm vaping, Nasty Juice will also suit your taste since the majority of their e-liquids have about 65-70% VG ratio. Check out the selection of
Nasty Juice eliquid shortfills and explore the many unique flavour profiles to suit your taste.

While browsing through Dripmore Eliquids, you may be wondering what specific flavours to try out first. If you are interested in adding a hint of nuttiness to your vape, the Nasty Juice Shortfill Gold Blend Tobacco will be a good option as it combines sweet honey notes with a sugary almond aftertaste. Alternatively, if you prefer something with sweet subtle hints, you can opt for the Nasty Juice Shortfill Silver Tobacco, which has a rich and dark taste complemented with a vanilla custard on exhale.

Overall, Nasty Juice e-liquid shortfills are right for you if you like unique flavors for your vape and enjoy cloud chasing. Surely, you will enjoy browsing through their selection of e-liquid flavors.

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