Ultimate Vaper's Guide to Battery Safety

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Ultimate Vaper's Guide to Battery Safety

Despite the news stories you may have read, when care for properly vape batteries are very safe to use. The more you know about vape batteries and how to care for them, the safer you and your device will be.

Standard Battery Specifications 
When looking at vape batteries, you will see specs relating to its amp limits, its mAh, and its wattage. A battery’s charge voltage is the maximum amount the battery can be charged to, however your battery will usually operate at a lower ‘nominal’ voltage. The discharge voltage is the point where you should stop using the device and put it on charge.

The amp limit is how much current your device gets from the e-cig battery. The mAh is how long your battery lasts between charges so the higher the number, the longer the battery will last. Its wattage is the power your battery puts out and is usually adjustable. 

Vape Battery Shapes and Sizes 
Your vape will come with either internal or external batteries. Internal batteries are ones that are built in to the device and are found most often in starter vapes and vape pens. 

External batteries are ones that can be changed out. Most devices that have external batteries use round lithium ion 18650 batteries since they are ideal for most vaping styles. The numbers refer to the size of the battery, 18mm x 65mm.

To ensure your device stays safe, you should always buy your batteries from reputable sources and well known 18650 brands.

Charging Your 18650s 
Many people choose to charge their batteries externally, especially if they have a second set. This is so they can have one to use while the other one charges. 

Before buying an external charger, make sure it matches your battery’s voltage. Depending on which one you choose, it should have several safety features like automatic shut off and surge protection to give you extra peace of mind.

Battery Storage and Care 
Batteries should always be stored safely when not in use to avoid damage. Use a rubber or plastic case and never carry them loose. Don’t expose your battery to extreme temperatures and if you notice the wrap on the battery is damaged, its time to get a new one.

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