Vape Batteries: A Complete Guide

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Vape Batteries: A Complete Guide
Have you ever wondered what powers your vape? Unlike with cigarettes, a vape does not use a lighter or match to get you your nicotine hit. Instead, a battery powers your device and the heat this causes turns your e-liquid into the vapour you inhale.

What is a Vape Battery?
The battery your vape uses is what powers it and gives you that incredible vapour. While all parts of a vape are important, without something powering it, you won’t be able to use it. If you have a starter kit or a vape pen, you most likely have a battery housed inside your device that isn’t removable.

In more powerful vapes and mods, the batteries are often removeable, giving you freedom in choosing which batteries you want to use. You can also just replace the batteries once they wear out and won’t have to buy a whole new vape or mod.

Types of Vape Battery

  • Automatic Vape Batteries: Automatic vape batteries are popular amongst recent ex-smokers because they automatically fire when you draw (inhale). There are no buttons to fiddle with to get your vapour so they are easier to use, require little maintenance, and give an experience that is closer to smoking a real cigarette. They also use less power so they last longer between charges when compared to other vape batteries.

  • Manual Vape Batteries: Manual vape batteries are operated by a button and offer more power and vapour than an automatic battery. They often have more options for customisation and control, really putting you in charge of the type of vaping session you want. Because they use more power they generally require more charging time.

Battery Capacity v. Battery Voltage
Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference between e-cig battery capacity and voltage. You’ve probably never had to deal with these terms before!

Battery capacity refers to how much charge your battery can take on a single charge, essentially its battery life. This is measured in units called milliamp hours, mAh. The higher a battery’s mAh, the higher the capacity, and the higher the capacity, the longer it will last between charges.

Battery voltage is the amount of electrical potential the battery holds. Most vapes have a battery with 3.7 volts.

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