Vape mods v/s Traditional cigarettes: Which is Better?

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vape mods in the UKAccording to the data from the 2021 Smoke free GB survey gathered by You Gov for Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), about 3.6 million people are into vaping in Great Britain alone. That means at least 7% of the state’s population is into vaping. As a result, products like vape mods in the UK sell like hotcakes.

If you plan to invest in vape mods in the UK, you must understand what it is and how it differs from traditional cigarettes. Your big switch to vaping will be more successful if you know the following facts.

What are Vape Mods?

While vape mods come in different sizes and shapes, these devices are the largest types of e-cigarettes on the market.

Vapers invest in vape mods to enhance their vaping experience. While the term initially refers to a part of the e-cigarette that heats the e-juice, today’s vapers call the entire vape kit “vape mods.”

One of the most remarkable features of vape mods is their ability to produce vapour without needing electrical power. As a result, you can create large plumes with maximum flavour.

Differences between Vape Mods and Cigarettes

Public Health England recently reported that using vape mods is the ideal nicotine replacement therapy to quit cigarette smoking.

According to the report from King’s College London researchers, 27% of those who plan to kick their smoking habit use the nicotine from vape mods as their cigarette alternative.

The study also learned that 50,000 smokers managed to stop smoking using vape mods in 2017.

While cigarettes and vape mods both contain nicotine, the vaping device does not have the majority of the toxic chemicals found in a stick of cigarette. As a result, vape mods have been the go-to for nicotine replacement therapy for years.

Are Vape Mods More Harmful to Others than Cigarettes?

No reports at that moment looked into the possible harm caused by vaping to other people. It may only annoy those around you due to the large vapours from the vaping device.

On the other hand, secondhand smoke from traditional cigarettes can harm everyone around the smoker. For example, it increases the risk of lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

While it is safer and healthier to curb any nicotine addiction, it is still best to switch to vape mods instead of smoking traditional cigarettes. The benefits you may get from smoking, even those cheap vape mods, can give you better health.

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