Why Does My Vape Tank Leak? How To Fix It?

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Why Does My Vape Tank Leak? How To Fix It?

A leaky vape tank can cause a lot of headaches, not to mention stained clothes. What is causing your vape to leak?

Overfilling your tank with e-liquid is one of the most common causes of a leaky tank. Keep an eye on your e-liquid level when you’re refilling your tank and ensure there is a bit of air at the top. This pocket of air is very important because it creates a vacuum that keeps e-liquid from leaking out of your tank’s airflow holes.

If your tank is a top-fill, don’t let any vape liquid drip into the chimney in the middle because this liquid will leak out. Tilt your tank when you are filling it with liquid then tip it right side up when you’re done to make sure you have an air bubble.

Poor Fitting Seals and Broken Seals
Your vape tank has several components and if the seals aren’t flush, your e-liquid can leak. If you’ve checked and everything is tight and lined up, you might need new parts as eventually they will wear from use.

When checking your seals, also ensure that your tank is screwed in properly. This means that the threads are correctly lined up and the tank isn’t screwed in too tightly. If it’s screwed in too tightly, you might prematurely damage the seals and o-rings.

Faulty Coils
Depending on your vaping style and preferred e-liquid, you need different types of coils. If you have the right kind of coil but you still have leaks, your coil may be burned out or faulty. The simple fix is to replace the coil.

Using the Wrong E-liquid
It can be tempting to use your vape with any e-liquid you want, but before you fill your tank, check your e-liquid against the type of coil you’re using. If you have a higher resistance coil (anything above 1.0ohm), you shouldn’t use thicker e-liquids that have a high VG content. The thicker vape juice will be harder to draw with a higher coil, causing e-liquid to leak out of the tank. If you’re vaping nic salts, the higher the coil resistance the better.

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