Why Your Choice of Vape Tank Matters?

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Why Your Choice of Vape Tank Matters?

Once you become a more advanced vaper, you’ll want to start using swapping compatible components to fully customise and enhance your e-cig. Unlike cigarettes, vaping is something people often discover that becomes a fun hobby offering endless possibilities.

Vape Tanks
Vape tanks are the part of your e-cig that contains your e-liquid and equipment that turns the e-liquid into vapour. The tank usually sits on top of your battery with a mouthpiece at the top to inhale through. Tanks can be made of different materials, often either glass or plastic. A coil in the middle of the tank connects to the battery and has a ‘wick’ inside that becomes saturated with e-liquid. When you use the battery to power the e-cig, the wick heats up the e-liquid turning it into vapour.

Using Vaporesso EUC Eco coils is another way to make your tank even better. These eco cost saving coils only need the core of the coil changed, not the entire coil. This makes it less expensive and wasteful when it comes to changing out the coils.

Why Use a Vape Tank Over an RDA?
If you use a Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser (RDA) tank, you must continually drip your liquid onto your coil’s wick to get vapour. Whilst this is a great set up for someone who wants to fully control their vapour, a vape tank is better if you just want to vape and get on with less fuss. Just pop the tank onto your mod, fill it with e-liquid, and go.

Aspire K3 Tank
Go leak free with the Aspire K3 tank. It is a reliable and easy to use tank that is simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for advanced vapers. The construction and seals used in the tank make it one of the most leak-proof tanks on the market.

It can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and provides a smooth mouth-to-lung inhale. You can use it with most devices since it has a standard 510 thread connection and its fixed airflow ensures you get a consistent vaping experience.

High quality vape tanks can be bought in the UK online through Vapes Direct. To get the best in vaping gear, accessories, and e-liquid.


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