Aspire PockeX Coils 0.6 ohm Replacement Atomizer / Coils


  • £2.99

PockeX replaceable atomizer coils are fitted with top-quality, 316L grade stainless steel coil wire. The wicking material is pure, organic cotton. These are 0.6 Ohm coils, designed for vaping at 18 to 23 Watts.

The Aspire Pocket X Coils are developed for the users of Aspire’s All in one kit: The PockeX. They are perfect for delivering superb flavor and quite dense vapor production compared to similar coils.

These 0.6Ω Coils are rated 18-23 watts are 316L stainless steel coils. They use the U-Tech Coil Technology from Aspire.

Aspire is the industry leader in innovation, which has one of the most professional R&D teams in the business as well as the strictest quality control standards.

These Coils are among the products that made Aspire globally famous. Designed for sub ohm vaping it will deliver superb flavor to the more experienced users.

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