4 Myths About Vaping and Pregnancy

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4 Myths About Vaping and Pregnancy

Countless people in the UK have successfully quit smoking cigarettes by switching to vapes. Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking because it satisfies your nicotine cravings without all the nasty chemicals and additives cigarettes have. However, just because they’re a safer alternative to cigarettes, it doesn’t mean they are risk-free. That is why it is not recommended to vape or use any products containing nicotine whilst  you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

  1. Vaping Has No Health Risks
    Inhaling vapour is a cleaner way to get nicotine into your system when compared to cigarettes because there are fewer additives and you won’t be inhaling things like tar. However, nicotine is still a harmful substance and the long-term impacts of vaping aren’t well understood yet due to how relatively new vaping is.
  1. Going Cold Turkey is Dangerous
    Quitting smoking can be one of the hardest and most stressful decisions of your life. It isn’t uncommon for people quitting to become agitated, stressed out, and to feel unwell. Whilst it is important to stay as relaxed and healthy as possible during pregnancy, nicotine is still the more harmful substance in this situation.
  1. Going Without Nicotine Can Be Harmful to the Baby
    Because nicotine withdrawal can cause symptoms like insomnia, headaches, and tummy troubles, you might worry about how these symptoms will affect your baby. Luckily, stress due to nicotine withdrawals has not been shown to pose risks to the mother or the pregnancy. This is why medical professionals recommend going cold turkey over using e-cigarettes or nicotine patches/gum.
  1. Vaping Nicotine-free E-liquid is Okay
    The aerosol you inhale with e-liquid vapour is safer than what you inhale with cigarettes, but you are still inhaling substances into your system. You shouldn’t vape during pregnancy, but if you buy e-liquid made in the UK you can rest assured it’s safer than e-liquid manufactured in countries with fewer regulations and oversight.

If you are hoping to get pregnant and want to quit smoking, vaping can help you go smoke and nicotine-free. Vapes Direct is a vape shop in London that stocks the best e-liquids, vapes, and vape accessories. Start your smoke-free journey today with Double Drip Nic Salts and Liqua E-liquid you can buy online in the UK from Vapes Direct

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