All You Need To Know About National No Smoking Day In 2020

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National No Smoking Day
A healthy life is an  undisputed first necessity for everyone. A life of minimum illnesses and sicknesses attracts good health and happiness. We need to understand that the roots of this dream are present deep down in our habits. Good habits like a balanced diet, tight sleep and proper exercise form the foundation of a healthy life. There are several roadblocks in the path to health, including addictive habits like smoking and alcoholism. To promote awareness about 'Stop Smoking’, the No Smoking Day will be celebrated on March 11, 2020. It motivates people to Quit Smoking with the use of devices like Vape Pens and Vape Kits.

More about National No Smoking Day

  • The National No Smoking Day is celebrated in the UK every year on the second Wednesday of March. This year, it is on March 11.
  • No Smoking Day is an initiative taken to educate people about the health hazards of smoking and the importance of giving it up.
  • It was first celebrated in 1984 on Ash Day and has now become a tradition to preserve good and smoke free health.
  • There are several ways to quit smoking like counselling and medications. One of the ways is the use of Vape Kits.
  • Vaping is the process of using an electronic cigarette which simulates smoking but has no amount of tobacco. Hence, it is a smart way to Stop Smoking.
  • The smoke which comes out has water vapour, flavouring agents, nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which minimizes the habit of smoking as well as its hazards.

It is important to spread awareness about healthy lifestyles wherein there is no place for an addiction like smoking. Everyone should be aware of the health hazards and the ways by which you can save yourself from them. One can use Vape Kits, including Vape Pens and Smoke Vape to help quit this habit of smoking.


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