Beginner's guide: Different types of vape kits and their features

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Different types of vape kits A vape kit is a great place to start when you first take up vaping because everything you need to vape is in the box- all you need to do is buy e-liquid! Vape kits are varied enough that more advanced users will find a vape kit to suit their tastes. If you’re looking for high quality vape kits, Vapes Direct stocks a wide range of the best vape kits at affordable prices. Here are some of the types of vape kits you’ll find at Vapes Direct.

Vape Pens

Vape Pens are the most common types of vape used in starter kits. Vape pens are long and round, similar to the shape of a pen (except bigger). They are sleek, easy to use, and portable devices that require very little knowledge to use them. There is also minimal maintenance and set up required. 

While vape pens are often attributed to beginners, these days you can get vape pens with a whole host of features that can impress even experienced users. Whatever experience level you are, you’ll be able to find a vape pen starter kit that more than satisfies your cravings.

Pod Vapes

Like pens, pod vapes are also compact, portable, and easier to use. They operate similarly, too. Where they differ is how they store e-liquid.

In vape pens and most other devices, your e-liquid goes into a tank. In a pod vape, your e-liquid goes into a pod that usually snaps into your device. Pods are easy to use and refill but will need to be replaced from time to time to keep your vapour tasting fresh. You can also buy pre-filled pods.

Vape Mods

These are larger and more powerful vapes that are suited for people with some knowledge about vaping and vape maintenance. Vape mods can be customised to your taste because you can swap out certain components.

You can get starter kits that use basic vape mods, giving you a chance to get big clouds of customisable vapour without having extensive vaping knowledge.

To get the best vape starter kit in the UK, visit Vapes Direct. Our cheap vape kits will keep you puffing delicious clouds all day long. 

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