Benefits of Having Fruit Flavoured E-Liquids

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Benefits of Having Fruit Flavoured E-Liquids

Whether you switched to vaping a while ago or are only just ready to stop smoking for good, there’s never been a better time to choose fruit flavoured e-liquids from Vapes Direct. With raspberry, lemon and grape flavour eliquids available, to name just a few, you’re sure to find a fruity e-liquid you, your friends, or family love.

Time to Try New Flavours?
If you are ready for a change from plain tobacco, mint or chocolate flavoured e-liquids, you will be pleased to know that we have a wide range of fruit flavours from different brands in stock.

Blue Raspberry
Bazooka Sour Straws Blue Raspberry has a retro feel and may remind you of the rush of sweetness you experienced in bubble gum years ago. The blue raspberry liquorice is encrusted with sweet and sour sugar, giving you the perfect trip down memory lane. Juicy on the inhale, it boasts a slightly sour exhale. Available in shortfill bottles, space is left within the bottle for you to add the nicotine shot of your choice making this a customisable e-liquid.

Lemon Pie
Edge Base Fruits Eliquid Shortfill Lemon Pie can also be tailored to your own taste when you add a nicotine shot of your choice. This e-liquid is packed with notes of lemon curd and blended with the flavours of a sweet pastry base. Reminiscent of a Sunday afternoon dessert, this e-liquid is sure to appeal.

Nostalgia and Memories
Fruit flavoured e-liquids are popular for their refreshing, tangy tastes. As many childhood sweets, desserts and drinks have a fruit base, these e-liquids are also popular for their nostalgic qualities. Whether you choose grape flavour eliquids, lemon or raspberry, or more exotic fruits such as watermelon or forest fruits, there is sure to be a fruity flavoured e-liquid that you’ll love.

There’s no need to wait for a special occasion, shop with us today to find the perfect e-liquid.

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