Best Disposable Vape Kits and Pods

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Best Disposable Vape Kits and Pods

Disposable vape kits are a single use vape kit that comes with liquid already pre-filled. Some kits come with a non-reachable battery; once the E-liquid or battery is fully drained just throw it away and grab a new one.  We also carry disposable pod vapes, with a style that lets you stick to one charging component with the freedom to change the E-liquid pod when its finished. Here, we have broken down 2 of our best disposable vape kits so that you can choose which best suits your vaping style.

  1. Nasty Fix
    Nasty fix is a range by Nasty Juice. They are a worldwide winning and top selling E-liquid brand established in 2015 who quickly became the worlds leading brand for producing exotic E-liquids that burst with sensational favour. To round off their comprehensive offerings, they have created their own range of disposable vape kits.

    We stock a wide range of Nasty kits, with every flavour you can think of from the fruity explosion of Nasty fix asap grape to the utterly refreshing nasty fix menthol with disposable vape kits to suit every vapers taste. Kits come in a 20mg nicotine strength and a powerful 280mah battery to match. The Nasty fix disposable pods are easy to use and contain 1.3ml of delicious and alluring nasty salts E-liquid.

  2. Smok Novo
    SMOK offer disposable vape pods that produce a smooth, flavourful taste which come in two resistance options: 1.00hm which is made with a mesh coil and 1.40hm which is perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. The ergonomic mouthpiece is designed not only for comfort but to prevent condensation from leaking out of the device. The SMOK novo pods are fully compatible with the novo 2 vape device, which means you can use your novo pods with the novo 2 series vape device and vice versa. The SMOK Novo Pods have a 2ml vape juice capacity and a side fill system with a secure silicone stopper, to prevent juice leakage. The refillable pods come in packs of 3 and last for about 1-2 weeks depending on your vaping habits.

    No matter which kit you choose, these disposables vape kits let you experiment with different flavours, reduce the mess with built-in easy spillage prevention measures, and keep it simple with less bits and pieces you are not familiar with. Brows our online store for the best deals on disposable pods and experience vape flavours like never before here at Vapes Direct, the number 1 vape shop in the UK.

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