Best Liqua Mix Go Shortfills that You Should Try

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Best Liqua Mix Go Shortfills that You Should Try

Liqua is a premium e-liquid supplier that is enjoyed by vapers in over 85 countries. No matter what type of vape liquid you are after, Liqua has something to suit- especially when it comes to their shortfills.

This Black Friday, treat yourself to some of the best tasting, high quality shortfills on the market, Liqua Mix and Go Shortfills. Shortfills are the vaper’s answer to having larger bottles of customisable e-liquid favourites. Because of an EU regulation prohibiting the sale of nicotine vape liquid over 10ml, shortfills came on to the market.

Liqua sells shortfills that are considered by many vapers to be the best e-liquid in the UK. Their shortfills come in 70ml bottles filled with 50ml of flavoured, nicotine free e-liquid. The remaining 20ml is for you to add in as much e-liquid nicotine shot as you want to obtain your desired strength. For example, if you add an 18mg 10ml nicotine shot it will make your shortfill a 3mg bottle of e-liquid. Adding an additional 10ml nic shot will increase the shortfill to 6mg.

Liqua Mix and Go Shortfills are delicious, easy to use, and come in a wide variety of flavours to suit every mood. Pick your flavour, get your nicotine shots, mix them together, and go! Some of the most popular flavours from Liqua are:

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