Best Vampire Vape Juice Flavours to buy Today!

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Best Vampire Vape Juice Flavours

If you’re a fan of Vampire Vape’s award winning Heisenberg vape liquid, you’ll love the new Heisenberg flavours they’ve released special for 2022. Brand new to the market, Vampire Vape now has a new line of punchy flavours that have made your favourite e-liquid better than ever.

  • Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Heisenberg: The iconic flavour that keeps you coming back for more, Heisenberg is a fruity all-day vape with a cool crystal mint finish.
  • Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Heisenberg Orange: When you’re in the mood for a fun and bubbly e-liquid, you should try Heisenberg mixed with delightfully fizzy orange soda.
  • Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Heisenberg Grape: Now there’s even more fruity deliciousness in Heisenberg with the addition of juicy grapes.
  • Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Heisenberg Cola: You can’t go wrong with the classic taste of everyone’s favourite soft drink and Heisenberg.
  • Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Heisenberg Gum: A summery e-liquid with a hint of bubble gum that will remind you of your childhood.
  • Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Tropical Island: In addition to the Heisenberg flavour they’re known for, Vampire Vape makes other e-liquids that are just as delicious. Tropical Island is one of their more exotic vape juices, made with a layered blend of tropical fruits.

Vampire Vape Disposables

Vampire Vape has another new range of products for 2022 that’s perfect for people who wish their favourite Vampire Vape e-liquids came in a disposable vape. Vampire Vape has teamed up with a legend in disposable e-cigs, Geek Bar. You can get 10 of Vampire Vape’s delicious e-liquids in a sleek and portable puff bar. 

Each bar is powered by a 500mAh pre-charged battery and has up to 575 puffs of Vampire Vape 20mg nic salts. Flavours include: 

  • Vampire Vape Geek Bar Sweet Strawberry: A sweet, classic red berry flavour that tastes of sunny, summery days.
  • Vampire Vape Geek Bar All Day Grape: A refreshing all-day grape e-liquid topped with  cooling mint.
  • Vampire Vape Geek Bar Ice Menthol: A menthol e-liquid mildly spiced with notes of aniseed and licorice.
  • Vampire Vape Geek Bar Pinkman Ice: The luscious red fruits of Pinkman mixed with a cool blast of mint.

About Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape was founded in the UK in 2012 and originally started with 12 delicious flavours. As their business expanded, so did their line of impressive vape liquids. They now offer more than 50 different flavours and are continually investing in new and creative blends and tastes.

Each bottle of Vampire Vape e-liquid is produced in the UK within state-of-the-art facilities. The finished product, as well as the premium grade ingredients inside, all have full traceability so you can rest assured your Vampire Vape e-liquids are as safe as they are tasty.

You can buy Vampire Vape e-liquids online from Vapes Direct. We sell the best vape liquid in the UK at cheap prices. Whether you want nicotine-free vape liquid, vape liquid with nicotine, or vape liquid in different strengths, Vapes Direct can have your e-liquids delivered right to your door. 

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