Best vape flavours for the winter season

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Best vape flavours for the winter seasonWhen the days grow shorter and the weather colder, nothing is better than curling up under a cosy blanket with a hot drink. If you like your vape juice flavours to reflect your mood and environment, you’ll probably want something in your vape that has a wintry feel to it.

Arguably the best vape flavours for winter are refreshing menthol, cooling ice, and sweet peppermint. Here are some of our best selling vape juice flavours that are perfect for the winter season!

  • Edge Very Menthol - boasting a strong minty taste that will fill your throat with a refreshing, cool, tingly sensation.
  • IVG Menthol – a blend of icy menthol salt nicotine e-liquid that’s known for its distinct frosty kick.
  • Zeus Juice Menthol Tobacco - Menthol Tobacco by Zeus Juice harnesses a smooth tobacco base that’s topped with a fresh menthol breeze.
  • Zeus Juice Black Reloaded – An icy cold menthol e-liquid with a sweet berry and spicy aniseed twist. 
  • Zeus Juice Dimp Reloaded - Dimp Reloaded shortfill by Zeus Juice is the famous Dimpleberry reloaded with even more menthol and eucalyptus, plus ripe berries.
  • IVG Frozen Cherries - Frozen Cherries 50ml shortfill by IVG is a cool combination that is the perfect balance of sweet and sour cherries. 
  • To get you into a more festive spirit, try these e-liquids that evoke all your best memories of the holiday season:
  • Chuffed Dessert - Cinnamon Roll 100ml Shortfill: a high VG e-liquid with the buttery taste of a flaky pastry as well as Cinnamon sugary icing.
  • Billionaire Vapes 50ml Shortfill Gingerbread Custard: A robust gingerbread e-liquid topped off by sweet and creamy custard for a layered, rich flavour.

Disposable Vapes for Winter

You can also find several disposable vapes that are ideal for the winter months. Many disposable vape brands are known for their ‘ice’ flavours, such as:

  • Elf Bar Banana Ice
  • Nasty Air Fix Menthol
  • Geek Bar Ice Menthol
  • Geek Bars Blueberry Ice
  • Aroma King Disposable Air Bar Strawberry Ice

If you’re in the mood for cooling and refreshing wintry vape juice flavours, take a look through Vapes Direct online shop. Every e-liquid and disposable vape we sell contains some of the best vape juice money can buy. 

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