Can disposable vapes be recycled?

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Can disposable vapes be recycled

The ease of disposable vapes has helped make them become extremely popular in the vaping community. They don’t require any prior experience or knowledge and there’s no set up, cleaning, or maintenance. You don’t have to buy any extra parts or e-liquids either because a disposable vape comes with everything you need for tasty clouds. When your disposable vape runs out of e-liquid or battery, simply dispose of it and start puffing on a new one!

Despite all these benefits, there is one major drawback to disposable vapes- the extra waste they produce. Because they aren’t refillable or rechargeable, these single use devices are usually thrown away in our bins. This is why more eco-conscious vape users might be wondering whether disposable vapes can be recycled.

Can Disposable Vapes Be Recycled?

Whether something can be recycled or not comes down to what they’re made up. Disposable vapes are self-contained devices with all of their components built in. Most have a plastic shell with a battery, tank, coil, and wick inside. Together, these elements can’t be recycled unless they’re taken to a specialist electronics recycling centre. If you decide to go this route, wait till you have several ready to go so you don’t have to make as many trips.

Those who have more time on their hands can also disassemble their disposable vapes to make it easier to recycle them. Be sure to wear gloves and to be careful when handling the battery! You can recycle the plastic casing and batteries, but the latter will need to be taken to a battery drop off point or electronics recycling centre. Battery drop off points are frequently inside grocery stores and some high street retailers.

Battery recycling is very important because the lithium used inside them is a limited resource so once we run out of it, that’s it! You can help extend our supply of lithium by recycling all of your batteries instead of throwing them out.

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