Can you customise an e-cigarette starter kit?

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Can you customise an e-cigarette starter kit

E-cigarettes were very basic devices with few bells and whistles when they first came out. Since then, there’s been a massive leap in vaping technology that has given vapers and endless number of devices to choose from.

More advanced vapes allow for more customisation than their starter vape counterparts. Also known as vape mods, these intermediate to advanced devices often have a wide range of accessories they’re compatible with. This lets users swap out coils, tanks, batteries, and more to create a truly personalised vaping experience.

Beginners can still opt for more basic vapes or starter kits if they prefer simpler tech and don’t want to worry about sourcing compatible components. This doesn’t mean that you can’t customise some e-cigarette starter kits, though!

Customising E-cig Starter Kits

If you’ve been vaping for awhile but don’t want to upgrade to a more complicated vape mod, you may still be able to customise a beginner vape. Many starter kits are more powerful than they once were and can work with different types of tanks, pods, and coils.

Most vapes have the same basic components: a drip tip, tank, coil, and a battery/base.

  • Drip tip: This is at the top of the vape tank and is where you place your mouth to inhale vapour.
  • Tank: Made of glass or plastic, this is where your e-liquid is stored.
  • Coil: Housed inside your tank, the coil is responsible for heating up your e-liquid and turning it into delicious vapour.
  • Battery: The base of a vape is where the battery is housed and is usually the part of the vape you hold on to.

If you have a pod kit, you’ll have a plastic pod instead of a tank. Prefilled pods are used until they run out of e-liquid while refillable pods can be refilled several times before needing to be replaced.

Depending on the e-cigarette starter kit you have, you may be able to switch out your pods, coils, and/or tanks to create different types of vapour. Check the specs of your device to find out with parts it’s compatible with.

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